Welcome to Forest Living

We don't just build naturally beautiful houses. We believe in nurturing happiness through experiences that can be derived only in the heart of nature. At Forest Living, each home is different from the other.
Each home has its own unique story to tell.

Surrounded by Nature

Exhilarating View

Lavish Interior

Pet Friendly

Plunge Pool

Our Natural Homes


Measuring upto 2000 sq feet of interior space, each villa features bedrooms, a kitchen, and living area replete with the kind of luxury one could only dream of.
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These private, self-contained cottages features wooden flooring are built on stilts and sprawl 2500 sq.ft, with two interconnected levels.
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Measuring upto 2400 sq feet these private cave homes are made of curvaceous stone walls with a blend of traditional and modern living.
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Wake up to the sounds of the birds and take in the majesty of tropical wilderness as you imbibe an un-paralleled eco-lifestyle experience.